Client Testimonials

Evangeline Munson- Elite Powerlifter

In May 2016 I competed at my very first powerlifting meet. It was at this meet that I had the honor of meeting and watching some of this sport's strongest competitors, among them being Tony Montgomery. Being a rookie to the sport, I was overwhelmed and by all definitions of the term, a "rookie". But Tony took the time to reach out to me after this meet; genuinely interested in helping me succeed and progress with this sport. In less than 8 months time, he's helped me add over 150lbs to my total so far through his meticulous Strength and Nutrition programming that's been catered directly to my needs through building up my weak points and helping me progress as a lifter. From bombing out at my first meet after a shaky few months of self coaching to progressing where I am now: most recently at my third competition, and second meet under Tony's coaching, going 9/9 on my lifts along with breaking 2 Washington State records- all of these are accomplishments that I credit to the patient coaching Tony has given me so far. But more importantly any coach can write you a workout; if you lift you will get stronger. But as my coach, Tony's given me more than that. He's taught me that success as an athlete comes from mindset, it comes from the day to day, it comes from sacrifices and so much more. And most importantly, he's always believed in my ability and potential as a powerlifter even when I did not. Adding well over 60lbs to both my deadlift and Squat in less than a year was cool, but finding a genuine and caring mentor in this sport has been invaluable to me!

Desiree Morgan - Elite Powerlifter
I was very fortune to find Tony through social media. I saw he was creating nutritional programs designed for athletes. I’ve been a Powerlifter going on 3 years now and my least favorite part of getting ready for a competition is the dreadful weight cut. Before working with Tony I would eat whatever I wanted  throughout my training cycle and wait until the last week of the meet to clean up my diet. The weight cuts prior to working with him always took a huge toll on my body and even affected my performance in my competitions.  
I started working work Tony 12 weeks prior to my big debut on the World stage in Las Vegas. He provided me detailed meal plans specifically designed for my needs and made weekly adjustments. He always responded in a timely manner, even if it was what I thought was a silly question. Tony helped me cut weight while still maintaing my strength. I noticed a huge change in my everyday energy levels and performance in training. My body also made changes for the better. I had both strength and aesthetics, I looked and felt the best I have every felt. My weight cut was by far the easiest to date. With Tony’s help and guidance he led me on to win a World Championship title that day. Totaling 822 at 123 body weight. I would highly recommend his programs to any athlete looking to better their overall performance in training and nutrition. He’s the most down to earth guy I know and he truly cares for his clients and their success.  

B.J. Whitehead - Elite Powerlifter 275lbs

Since I've been with Tony Montgomery Jr. and TM Nutrition, not only has my body changed but my performance on the platform has as well. In the past I would struggle with weight gains. Since being with Tony, I have put on nothing but solid mass and my powerlifting total has went up. The consistency and attention to detail in Tony's approach is amazing. Meal plans are continually being altered to meet my needs. TM Nutrition has played a very large role in my success as a powerlifter.

Austin Zechman - Powerlifter

                          Before                                                                                          After
Before working with Tony I had followed him on social media for a solid year or so and had read a few of his ebooks. After struggling with dieting on my own for quite some time I decided that it was time to invest in a coach, and my top priority was picking someone I knew I could trust so choosing Tony was a no brainer. I have been working with Tony for almost a whole year now and I can definitely say it has been one of the better choices I have made.  When we started working together I weighed 265-270lbs and expressed that I wanted to get into bodybuilding when I finish school and wanted to take the last two years of school to really make some significant changes to my body comp.  Over this year we have cut, reverse dieted, bulked and now back into a cut again with great success.  Upon the initial cut I had gotten down to 224 from 265/270 and bulked back up 236 at a leaner body fat % than I was at 224 with Dexa data to prove it.  Working with Tony has made making these huge changes about as easy as it can be, and makes necessary changes to keep working towards the long term game plan while attaining short term goals. I look forward to seeing what we accomplish in the future.

Danielle O'Dea - EActress/Model

I first met Tony when I went to hear  one of his nutrition seminars at Max's Gym in Oakland. What I really liked about Tony was his knowledge and experience in both performance and aesthetics nutrition. As a professional actor and model, who's also new to the world of powerlifting, both were important to me. I wanted to achieve the aesthetic goals that are necessary for my profession, while continuing to prep for my 2nd powerlifting meet. Before working with Tony, I had worked for 2 years to lose 30+ lbs on my own. Then I stalled. I didn't have the knowledge or the experience to take my body transformation any further. Tony was the secret weapon I was missing from my arsenal. Tony created a 3-month plan for me, breaking down my macros week, per day, and per meal. He also made a supplement plan for me, offering suggestions to make it as economical as possible. The whole program was customized for my weight, body composition, and fitness goals, keeping in mind my specific workout regimen, as well as when I needed to cut weight for auditions or shoots. Tony was also available 24/7, answering quickly what I'm sure were basic, beginner questions! By the end of the 3-month program, I dropped an additional 7 lbs, while getting noticeably leaner, as well as having more energy throughout the day and during my workouts.  At the same time, I was able to progress in my powerlifting, dropping a weight class while still continuing to set PRs even while cutting. I highly recommend Tony to anyone who is ready and willing to put in the work necessary to reach their physical and health goals, whatever your level. I know I'll be re-upping with him at the next opportunity!

Laurie Smith - Elite Powerlifter

I approached Tony Montgomery at TM Nutrition because I wanted to lose weight for a Powerlifting meet. What I liked about Tony is that he had me checking in twice a week and adjusted my macros accordingly.  It wasn’t just a cookie cutter template. As a result I lost the 10 pesky pounds I wanted to and I learned a new way of healthy eating. I would highly recommend TM Nutrition to anyone who needs to get that help in losing or even gaining weight. We all know nutrition plays a big part if we want to become better athletes.

James Pavelski - Powerlifter

Ive been into fitness for roughly 9 years now. The best thing Ive done was decide to work with Tony. Before working with him I went through every damn fitness fad there was trying to find my way. Always reaching a “good” point but never great. I was always a book worm, trying anything and everything I read about in respected literature and in the study books from a couple of trainer certifications ive had in the past.  Through all that trial and error I never found anything I truly loved. Other than just working out of course, but for some reason I just started to hate it. Hated that I really wasn’t working towards anything other than how I looked. Training was mostly about how I looked, diet was about how I looked. Eating bland horrible SHIT because somebody said Ronnie Coleman ate it. Then after a long while I finally found a place that got my motivation going again, I wont get into details since this isn’t a testimonial to them. They merely started my engine again and once that happened I was on the hunt for a coach. I needed somebody who I could respect, and want to aspire to be like. It wasn’t easy. Every fucker out there says theyre a coach. I honestly don’t remember how I found Tony, but I do remember it was through Instagram. As of now that was roughly a year ago. I reached out to him, liked the responses I got back, and pulled the trigger. The first thing I did was a cutting diet. Something I never was very good at. Tony was awesome! He would answer every damn question I had and wouldn’t feed me bullshit answers. Just very forward and focused answers. My head was never bouncing around like a newborn baby trying to retain information. I completely followed his diet to the letter and in the first 12 weeks I believe I went from 250 to 215. I dropped all the unwanted fat that I had and was in the best shape for what I was working for at the time which was rowing. Funny thing was, I fucking hated rowing. I had some misguided reasons as to why I was doing it. I wasn’t being true to myself.  So I started doing something I was always interested in but every time I thought about it id say to myself “youll never be strong enough to make it matter”. That was POWERLIFTING. After working with Tony for those 12 weeks, I couldn’t just stop there. What do you do after a cut? You fuckin bulk up!! Now trying to gain size and strength, Tony bulked me back up to 245. This time I had some abs coming through! Again, he was always very thorough and quick to respond to my feedback. I believe we even experimented with some new strategies in my diet to help me break through plateaus. At one point I was eating roughly 6000 calories and I was losing weight! So he did something to readjust my sensitivity and it worked. I was back to gaining size without gagging at every meal  trying to get in all my macros.  So after 6 months now of working with him with diet and talking with him about my goals in fitness, he finally convinces me to compete. Im scared as shit but this is an elite powerlifter telling me I can do it. Even during a competition I attended, he introduced me to Mark Bell (who is fuckin rad and he even gave me my first slingshot right there for free!!) and Mark said the same thing to me, “just go for it.” So now Im having Tony do my training as well. Prepping me for my first competition, and man was that fun. I was instantly addicted. Id look at the plan for the day and go “ that doesn’t look that hard”, and eat my words later as im laying on the floor. Training was adjusted every two weeks based on feedback and how I was progressing. Meet day came, and I went 9 for 9! He told me exactly what to do and got me as confident as I could get for a newbie powerlifter during his first meet. Let me fast forward to now. Since then Ive continued to work with Tony for a total of 3 competitions since February 2015 to my latest in June 2015. My Total went from 1322 in February, to 1450 in June. To me that’s nuts! And 1450 could have been much higher but a shoulder issue hurt my bench and an early spot during my squat hurt that total. That’s just how it goes sometimes but I absolutely love this sport and I have to thank Tony for not only pushing me to do it but making me thrive at it. Its July now and we are currently working on off season mass gain. This time hes doing my diet again to get me to 275 or heavier. I have my next competition picked out for  December 2015 and I plan on breaking 1500 finally. I know damn well Ill be working with Tony for the rest of the year to prep for that meet, and the odds are hell be prepping me for all of my meets  until I hit an elite total. Thank you Tony, you’ve opened my eyes to many things about myself, and brought me into powerlifting where it FINALLY feels like my home.

Chris Madrid - Powerlifter

Where do I begin? I started powerlifting about 3 years ago and started with a basic 5x5 linear periodization. After several months I program jumped around and around always looking for the next "it" program. Well I found some I liked and some I didn't, I could tell I needed something different. Then one night as I was scrolling through Instagram, I came across Tony's page and he was being gracious enough to take on clients for FREE! Of course I had to jump at this, but I knew even if I wasn't picked, it was great to see someone offer their time for free just for the sheer passion of lifting. You don't see that anymore these days. So Tony choose me and I really didn't know what to expect or what was going to be expected of me, but I knew that this is what I needed to get my drive back. So many times I've run programs by myself and I've talked myself out of doing something in because I didn't like it or it was too hard or I probably didn't need to do that, but with this, I was going to be held accountable. I need that accountability. And these last 7 weeks have been nothing but great in the gym. From day 1 he made me feel comfortable to ask questions. He's always responded to any questions I've had and always has an explanation as to why he has me do something. That connection alone makes me want to go lift. Over the last 7 weeks I've done nothing but hit PR's. The best part is, Tony didn't know me from Adam, but here he is day in and day out trying to make me, of all people, a better lifter. I can't tell you enough Tony....Thank you.

Daniel Tinajero - Elite Powerlifter

Competing in strength sports for 15 years, you become very confident in your decision making skills and abilities as a self coach. I have never entrusted my training to anyone before, but there was something about Tony's training that I had been watching for quite some time. After deciding to reach out to him for help, I cannot stress enough how glad I am that I did so. Despite the fact that I have been training in gear and Tony's a raw competitor, we've been able to work together to get me pr after pr, at the meet and raw in the gym as well as progress to healing some injuries. It doesn't stop at smart training with him though. He's there for critique as well as finding ways to help get you back to being as healthy as possible. Tony has gone out of his way to help me at odd hours of the day and night. I cannot say enough good about my experiences with Tony. Many thanks my friend.

Megan Simpson

Tony Montgomery's training is a miracle. It was one of the best decisions I've made in my fitness career. There aren't enough words to express how much this changed my outlook on weight training for a straight forward focused plan. Nothing's better than his. You wanna be strong? Do this, you'll get strong. Just do the work. I noticed changes in my physique within a week of training and eating. That's a miracle. Not only that it makes sense. I can't stress enough the efficiency simplicity and efficacy of this program. Starting this program I was hesitant. Going into anything new can bring a lot of things: expectations, excitement, anticipations and fears. Needless to say my fears went away and realized this is a bomb ass program. I love it it builds strength, endurance and bulks you UP.

Ray Birdsall - Powerlifter, Bodybuilder

I got into powerlifting not knowing much about form technique and the training style. I was bodybuilding for 6 years and always lifted heavy and that's when I started converting to powerlifting. After meeting Tony online before the strength program was even started he always offered great advice and was there for any questions I had right then and there. When the strength program started up I took advantage of it and we started working together.. Just 3 weeks in I had PR on bench as well as adjusting my form and technique on squat and deadlifts. Sending videos weekly and having feed back literally minutes within posting the videos, his feedback keeps me on my toes and striving to do better. Tony lead me into the push and pull meet In Mississippi where I went 2/3 on bench with great outcome. I enjoy working with Tony for multiple reasons but main one is he's more like working and taking advice from a friend not just a coach. He calls it like he sees it whether it's just plain out horrible form or  a great lift he will let you know. 

Sarah Kolbuc - Elite Powerlifter

I sought out Tony’s help with my nutrition after deciding my diet was the missing piece in reaching my athletic goals. I am currently a nationally ranked Powerlifter in Canada and believe that Tony’s nutritional guidance has played a major role in my competitive edge on the platform. Tony was able to provide me with a plan grounded in scientific principles. He was considerate of my training volumes, lifestyle and food preferences. He was able to provide me with unlimited consultation and made frequent modifications to align with my needs.  With Tony’s help, I found my energy levels during training greatly improved. I also saw drastic changes in my lean body mass while hitting personal bests in competition.

Zack Kalish - Powerlifter

"I found Tony by seeing the progress of elite powerlifter BJ Whitehead. I had seen him posting about how helpful he was with adjusting nutrition, because with Tony it isn't a diet it's an actual change in the way you eat and approach foods. I soon followed Tony on Instagram where he posted transformations and progress of his current clients which showed me his personal investment into the people he was coaching.   Tony's pricing is unbeatable for the amount of knowledge and contact with him that you receive. He is always available through email and will get back to you promptly no matter what you ask, as he told me there are no dumb questions with this. He is in constant contact because he wants you to succeed and be happy and comfortable with how you are reaching your goals. The number one question I remember him asking on the twice a week check-ins "How do you feel?" He cares about how the changes are effecting your daily life, not just your lifts.   Tony helped me get from about 220 pounds down to 202 within 2 weeks and walked me through the water cut needed to compete in the 198 class for my first powerlifting meet. He was there every step of the way and ever more present and available as it came down to crunch time. I truly believe I would not have had the success I did without his guidance and care in the work he does. I plan on continuing to work with Tony in the future as I prepare to again change my nutrition for a new approach and more powerlifting meets in my future because I know I will be successful with his guidance and support.

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