Posted by Tony Montgomery under Podcast  on May 09 2018

In Episode 39 we chat with Tucker Loken national level bodybuilder, prep coach and powerlifter. He is a member of the team so check out his training and articles there. We dive into diets for powerlifting, the best way to drop a weight class, finding the right coach for you, and his philosophy on nutrition for performance athletes.
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Posted by Tony Montgomery under Podcast  on Aug 29 2017

In episode 3 we have on Paul Oneid and elite level lifter in the 220 and 242 weight class. He is an athlete with 10/20/Life and you can read his articles and training logs at We go over some considerations on how to set up your program with a long term perspective. He also goes over how he has built his 800lbs plus squat and a lot more.

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