Powerlifting and Nutrition eBooks

(NEW!) Step by Step 12 Week Offseason Program

This eBook is a step by step 12 week offseason program that leads into a 12 week peaking program. Both of these programs have been tested with beginner to intermediate lifters with tremendous results. It takes you through each days workout with main movements to accessories all detailed with exercise selection, reps and sets. It is an easy to follow program that doesn't require a bunch of fancy equipment, so any gym goer looking for a solid 24 week program can use it. This eBook is only $5 with 2 programs that have already been proven through testing on other lifters.

Nutrition Essentials - To Build and Transform

Nutrition Essentials-To Build and Transform. $15, Over 50 pages of content that will help you learn about the basics of nutrition and how to build an individual plan for you based on your goals. How to cut weight for meets, when to bulk and cut, and how to time your nutrition to maintain strength while dieting.

Strength-Foundation and Beyond

$10, The book inculdes 5 sample templates, a year long guide to help you set up your training, and a complete 12 week workout plan to peak and test your maxes either in a meet or at the gym. I also added a bonus item for all my bench press only guys, an 8 week bench program.

$20.00 All eBooks Bundled!

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