Posted by Tony Montgomery under Weight Lifting  Training  Video  on Jul 26 2017

Adjusting your program comes up a lot but not in a good context, you will see people just starting a program and wanting to make adjustments right off the bat and if that is the case then why even start it in the first place? Or the other one is athletes wanting to combine their favorite programs together to make a hybrid program because of course if one program is good combining it with another one is even better.

This video and article is just my way of making adjustments to the program that has worked for me and my clients over time.

1. Have a training philosophy to build upon. This is far more than a program but having an actual training philosophy that you've studied, built, and believe in will help mold your program for you. So when things aren't going the way you want them to you can simply just make changes within the philosophy rather than adding things that don't mesh well together. For instance, if you do things in a block format then trying to add in a conjugate approach as well for certain movements may take away from the purpose of the block.

2. Make small adjustments first. Simple enough, if the results aren't there instead of scrapping the whole program make small changes to the program. Maybe look to change up the total volume or how you come about it. Instead of 3 sets of 10 for 30 reps at the same weight, maybe try pyramiding up in weight or working up to a top set then doing backdowns after to get the desired volume. You can also try different accessories or main movements to work on or expand your rotation so you have time to build before coming back to the movement.

3. Give it time. You have to give your program time to work and you have to understand it. Some programs are designed to accumulate fatigue with a ton of volume and you may not feel your strongest which you shouldn't in an offseason. Being able to know how the program works and the reasons behind it will allow you to know what is to be expected and the only way to do that is to give it time to run its course. That means you are not changing programs every 3-4 weeks and that you give it 12-16 weeks to manifest itself before you pass judgment on it.

4. It may be you. This is really taking a look at the things outside of the program that can make it successful. Having your diet on point can play a huge role in your success. Making sure you get good quality sleep and naps can help with recovery and performance. Decreasing stress and increase your recovery modalities are all ways to improve your program before having to find a new program. Because if these things aren't your priority no program will work. Work on optimizing the things you can control to get the results you desire.