Posted by Tony Montgomery under General  on Jul 22 2015

Tuesdays used to just be Tuesdays but now thanks to the magic that is social media Tuesdays are now used for transformations. Which in my opinion is awesome, I love seeing the hard work people put in to transform their bodies and minds to what they’ve always envisioned. Although its a never ending journey of self improvement and self reflection its also a time to keep things real and into perspective.
Perspective 1 if you post side by sides of a year difference and you look exactly the same on stage and somebody says so, please don’t get to offended as 9x out of 10 that person is being completely honest with you so maybe instead of bashing them, look a little closer and be your own critic and know that maybe you didn’t work as hard as you thought or maybe you were a little too flexible with your diet. Once you do this take the time to think about the next steps forward to fixing the problem, like hiring a new coach, training a different way or eating and following a different diet.
I think we as a society rely to heavily on our coaches and not enough on our guts and intuition. You pay your coaches and a lot of them are just yes men collecting a pay check or worst they tell you exactly how bad things are and you get pissed and fire them just to hire a coach that will tell you exactly what you want to hear. It’s absolutely ok to try new things and to have your own opinion because honestly at the end of the day none knows your body like you do and none can create a desire to get better like you can.
I think the main culprit is people don’t have a clear goal in mind and try to dabble in all things related to fitness instead of taking the time to fixate on one goal/sport and give it everything they have. The other issue is people just don’t work hard enough or aren’t willing to suffer to get things done. They want the path with the least resistance just to get things done especially in BB sports people just want the Pro card status so they will try ever other federation instead of the big ones to get it. Who gives a flying F if you are ISBGGF21 Bikini Pro. Buckle down put in the work and become the best its way more gratifying to know you gave it your 100% and lost than to slip through the cracks.
So instead of putting up newly filtered pics to show a huge difference, try doing a transformation of your mentality and start kicking ass and not making excuses!!

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