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Social media is a great tool to post videos to get some critiques on, it is great to post content on that may help people, and it is great for marketing if you have you’re own business. All these things are what can make social media amazing, but man some of you retards out there just fuck it up for everyone. With your trolling and hating on other lifter, but lets be honest sometimes this “hate” is legit and people are just calling you out on your bullshit. Which makes you angry and defensive so the next logical step is to call them haters and discredit everything they have to say.
The cold hard truth is, you wouldn’t get so upset if you know there wasn’t some relevance of truth to it. So as an athlete, businessman, or just in general setting your own standard and adhering to it is something that everyone should do. We do this in general anyways especially with relationships of the opposite sex. We already have our standard set for what we are looking for, whether it be appearance, financial stability, and personality and we damn sure don’t settle for less. Well at least most of the time.
So setting a high standard for how you conduct yourself in your business and in your athletic career should be no different. The problem is along the way people tend to lose themselves in chasing numbers, the competition, or money and start to settle for things that normally wouldn’t fly. It’s a little bit of ego and a lot of self doubt that makes a person stray from their standards they set way back in the beginning of all this.
A standard in how you do things like squatting to depth, making weight, not cheating a lift, not doing shady business tactics is something that every person should strive for because that way you know you did it and you did it the right way which is what we all want in the beginning. So take a minute a reevaluate why you started doing what you are doing and how to fix it.
I would say the number one cause of lowering ones standard is that there are to many yes men now who chirp in your ear about how great you are or how shitty this person is or why not do this to get more other people are. These are the type of people that will ruin your reputation and will not have your back when things get rough. Give me a friend who tells me how it is and I’ll show you friend for life because honesty will keep you honest and will raise your level and standard to reach bigger and bester things.
So if you are that guy who goes to meets because they allow you to squat high, or if you go to backyard meets that you don’t have to make weight for, or if you are constantly doing shady things like stealing peoples eBooks cough cough then just stop because we all know and nobody respects you, all your “friends” are constantly making fun of you and that name you once created for yourself is now tarnished and you’ll go down as that dude instead of what you could have been. Yeah its harder and yes it may take a lot longer to achieve it but for fuck sake have a little pride in yourself and do the right thing!!!

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There are so many diets out there now its hard to decipher which one works and which one will bring you the best results. The easy answer is, the diet you can stay on the longest is the one that works best. So fad diets like Paleo, IIFYM, Low Carb Diets, Carb Backloading, etc… they can all work if its what you enjoy and you know how to implement them to fit your goals. So with this article I will discuss some of the downfalls I see in all the top diets out there and how you can slightly adjust them to help you reach your goals.
First up is the Paleo diet, this is the biggest diet in the crossfit community and for good reason. It promotes eating whole foods, nothing really processed. Puts a strong emphasis on food quality like grass fed beef, veggies, and NOT pop tarts. This diet can help you perform at a high level and change body composition in a more favorable manner.
The biggest downfall I see is the zealots who take the whole Paleo word to the extreme and cut out all carbs. Remember carbs give you energy to perform exercise, not only that but when you do things like retcons and high volume work it depletes muscle glycogen and carbs help fill them back up. This will lead to a leaner and better recovered physique. If you recover better and get leaner you will be able to exercise more and the bodyweight movements become easier and easier.
The next downfall I see is people for some reason feel as though if you eat paleo you can how much and whatever you want as long as its fats and proteins. So they cook up 6 whole eggs, 10 slices of bacon and jam out for breakfast. That meal is probably around 800 calories. 3-4 more of those meals you are looking at upwards of 4,000-5,000 calories a day. Good luck losing weight like that. Portion size and calories will always matter even if it is Paleo.
So Paleo can be extremely effective as long as you eat carbs pre, during, and post workout. Be sure you still count your calories by weighing out and measuring your food and keeping track of what you eat.
IIFYM is next on the docket, this is a great approach for the average person looking to still eat some foods that don’t quite fit into “clean” eating diet foods. You get to enjoy foods like cereal, ice cream, pop tarts, and dessert all while losing weight. It also allows you to have a social life around food which we know how much people socialize over food.
A few downfalls to this approach is that a lot of IIFYM people don’t account for nutrient timing. I see a lot of people say things like I missed all my meals today just so I can have this huge ice cream sundae and then the next days training suffers and the previous days training suffers with lack of energy and lack of recovery. The smart IIFYM people are the ones who still eat 4-6 meals a day based on good quality foods, sporadically mixed throughout the week with some snack food. The goal is always performance and physique and if you don’t plan your food out that way your results will always lack.
The next mistake IIFYM people make is to much junk and not enough good quality food. Yeah you see your favorite IGers posting all kinds of goodies but in all reality thats a small part of their meal plan and honestly a lot of times people post pics of shit they don’t actually eat, I know shocking right but they are trying to make money and people want to believe they can eat crap and get shredded. Not without good nutritious food.
I won’t get into the other diets as I don’t think many people still do them as vigorously as they use to. But I will say this don’t always believe what you see on social media. People have an agenda and a business to promote so they say and post shit that they don’t necessarily do but it sales so fuck it right. A few things to always remember to help you out with dieting.
•    Food Quality Does Matter
•    Calories In vs. Calories Out Matter
•    Timing of Nutrients Matter
Really focus on those 3 things and your diet and goals will be achieved and successful!!!

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Gratification should be sought from within, not from the opinions of others. On the same not if you see somebody do something give them a pat on the back or tell them good job it can go a long way for the individual.
Analyze, analyze, analyze everything you do in the gym and outside of the gym in order to make yourself a better athlete and person.
Take time and lots of it to just grow and get stronger, don’t worry about weight classes or cutting for the first couple years.
Good coaches are far and few between, I always look for experience isn said sport, and who they have actually worked with. Never will I go with a coach who rely to much on science and not enough from under the bar experience.
Don’t be so distracted by your future goals that you can’t appreciate what you have now and how long it took you to get there.
We all have to start somewhere and along the way you will find out a lot about yourself. You will also find a bunch of people who are willing to go out of their way to help you. Don’t forget to thank them and be sure to do the same to others who are starting off in their journey.
Don’t be the person who takes their whole life, be able to give and reciprocate through that is something that will take you further in life and will also lead to deeper and meaningful relationships.
Be sure to play your role whatever that may be and be sure to do it at an effort that exceeds your expectations. So if you are a training partner be the best training partner you can be by bringing ideas to the table, helping the whole crew out, not being distracted, and give back to everyone even if you feel slighted.
I remember hearing a story about Jim Wendler I believe going to westside to start training and one of his training partners didn’t talk to him for months because he hasn’t earn the right to yet. Jim didn’t cry and bitch about he did his part to prove that he was a worthy partner and a worthy teammate. So you coming to the gym with a sense of entitlement will quickly make you feel like the odd one out and you’ll learn to hate and regret the experience instead of playing your role at the time and learning and growing.
Which brings me to my last note, if you’re new please just shut up and listen for awhile. You’ll learn a lot more that way and you’ll earn the respect of your peers as well. Nobody gives a damn about what eBook you read and what youtube video you saw. 

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Now that my meet is over its time to dive into my off season hypertrophy phase. This is my chance to get back in shape with some conditioning, cleaning up my diet, and building up my base. Base building is done through more hypertrophy work aka bodybuilding style of training. While meet prep is always fun and a challenge the constant repetitions of the contest lifts beat me down. Everything is achy and the constant motor patterns of the movements is something that over time will start to break you down. So changing things in the offseason is a must to say healthy and to build a better foundation so when contest prep comes back around you will be healthier and bigger with better leverages. This brings me to my topic of GPP vs. SPP what is to much of a god thing and how to implement them to continue to progress from competition to competition.
GPP or General Physical Preparedness and SPP or Specific Physical Preparedness to acronyms that 99% of lifters have no clue about. Yeah they have heard of them but they have no clue how to incorporate them into their program’s to improve their performance significantly. The big craze nowadays is constant work of the big three movements squat, bench, and deadlift and they don’t vary from it and they do it 2, 3, even 4 times a week. This is SPP at its finest, the specificity of powerlifting is hitting the competition lifts. This has its purpose but not every single day, this is mainly for contest prep time. This specificity is best used anywhere from 6-8 weeks out but yet you see the advocates of specificity hit these all day everyday mainly because they’ve heard or seen their favorite lifters doing it on the YouTubes. These are the same ones who are always hurt and are always bashing on things like the conjugate method, bands, and chains. Now you can get incredible strong doing this if it is periodized correctly but you will also increase the chances of injury. If you keep things so specific during the off season than you start to build up a lot of volume and fatigue for that specific movement which may be fine the first couple of years but eventually it will start to wear you down and injury is unavoidable. So doing some GPP work in the offseason is and ideal way to go as it will allow you to build on your weaknesses and to rest and recover.
GPP for powerlifters is a great way to build up weaknesses and to get in overall better shape. Now I am not saying to go to far a drift from the main movements but small varieties that will build upon your main lifts. So if you’re a low bar wide stance squatter you may go to high bar closer stance to give your shoulders and elbows a chance to heal and to build up your quads and give your hips a chance to heal as well. Although this is a different lift, the motor pattern is similar enough to still build and technically get more proficient at the pattern. the same thing goes for bench and pulls, if you pull sumo do some conventional, if you bench wide do more close grip. This is also a good time to do more unilateral work to build on some of the imbalances you create by doing the same heavy compound movements during prep. So things like walking lunges, single arm pressing, single arm rowing etc… this will help you build up your weaker body parts and with less weight will give your joints a chance to heal. This also a good time to increase your work capacity by adding in HIIT cardio and adding in super sets. The more you can build up your work capacity the faster you will recover from workout to workout as the intensity increase from meet prep.
So for me these next 4 weeks I will be going into a hypertrophy phase and increase my conditioning. This will be a slower process as you don’t want to add in crazy amounts of volume and conditioning right away. You slowly add these things in week to week. First I will up my volume per day, then I will add more frequency and the same with conditioning start with 1-2 x per week then slowly over time add in more and longer sessions. Doing this will also allow me to add in more calories to remain at the same bodyweight. Just like you build up you volume and work capacity with living you do the same with food, so going from eating 2500 calories to 3500 calories all while maintaining the same weight will only help you during contest prep time.
So key take aways here, utilize off season to build GPP, recover from the repetitiveness of contest lifts, and to build work capacity. At 6-8 weeks out depending on the person it may be longer go back to more SPP work to dial in technique with heavier weight. Remove its not where you start but where you finish so build, build, and build.

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