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As my mini diet comes to an end, let me first give you a guide to how i got here. Last year in Nov I decided to try my hand at making the 198lbs weight class. The only problem was that as an endomorph I realized that being to lean with my body type was a huge detriment to my performance and as I was 2 weeks out from my meet not only was i weak as a kitten I ended up partially tearing my biceps. So at 209lbs i decided it was time to drop out of my meet and add some size. So from November until my last meet SPF Summer Slam on June 24th I worked my way up to 250lbs. Leading into the meet I dropped a few pounds and decided to make the cut to the 220lbs weight class. After successfully dropping 22lbs and making weight I quickly IV bagged up and ate my way bag to 250lbs for the meet. A nice little bloat to say the least haha!!! After the meet I was a mess my body hated me but I added 200lbs to my 220lbs total so it was def worth it. I made up my mind that night that a 4 week mini diet was in order. So I set up my plan and started the execution the next day.
The point of the mini diet is to do an extreme cut for 3-5 weeks to rid yourself of as much unwanted fat and weight as possible and for me I also added in a good amount of anaerobic cardio to improve my work capacity. Now the point behind this mini diet besides getting off some fat, is 1 it will allow me a leaner and better start point to add back size as my insulin will become more sensitive and my body will get that magical rebound affect that you hear about post show, so its like newbie gains all over again. Now the only way that this will happen is if it is an extreme cut, so I started at 235lbs and in 4 weeks got down to 225lbs and probably dropped 4% bf in the process and put me right around 8-10% at 225lbs so this is the leanest and biggest I’ve ever been. I can attribute the size gains to all the hypertrophy work I’ve been doing and the muscle retention especially from the 4 week hypertrophy phase that accompanied the cut phase. The big problem I see when powerlifters try to cut is that they don’t change their training style up and for me that is a huge mistake as volume and hypertrophy are the keys to keeping muscle size on while dieting. Its pretty simple look at the leanest and biggest guys around and see how they train they do a lot of hypertrophy work, but with the caveat that we are still powerlifters so we still practice our sport so for me I stayed with my heady compound movements i just undulated my ways of accumulating the volume which is all outlined in my journey on my blog so make sure you check out my past blogs to see exactly how my training, cardio and diet changed during this phase.
Hopefully this plus my video gives you a better understanding of how and why to incorporate mini diets into your prep.

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