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The transition between a meet to offseason is always somewhat bitter sweet but I embrace my weaknesses, learn from my last meet and training cycle and will continue to push on, grow, and keep building.
What I've learned from the last training cycle-
Don't go into meet preps beat up because you won't take time off to heal up and get better.
Its great to have training partners stronger than you and slightly below you in strength that push you and are competing at the same meet.
Flexibility and recovery is lacking and needs to be fixed if I ever intend to train and lift at my fullest potential.
The less reps I miss the better the outcome of my training and my meet.
Work diligently on your weaknesses but never neglect or stray to far from your competition lifts during a meet prep.
Handle heavy weight often!!!
Moving forward into my offseason its clear to me that recovery, health and an increase in my active flexibility must improve dramatically. In stating this I will be putting a lot more emphasis on this with added 30minute blocks 4-5x a week dedicated to stretching, mobility, and recovery techniques and drills. Plus I will be adding in a shoulder rehab day which will consist of a lot of rotational work, self myofascial work, and some behind the neck movements to actively stretch and increase my range of motion.
From a training perspective I will be pulling a lot more conventional and will be dedicating a lot of time to build up volume as I try to grow into my weight class which means more lifting and most importantly way more food. My weekly breakdown will look like this:
Sunday- Front Squats and Back
Monday- Bench Volume or Speed
Tuesday- Comp Squats
Weds- Off
Thursday- Heavier Bench Day
Friday- Deadlifts
Saturday- Shoulder Rehab and Arms
This phase of training will run for 4-6 weeks until I find my next meet to do. The main emphasis of this phase will be to get better at technique and to never miss reps in training. These two things will have the greatest carry over for me as missed reps or bad reps lead to injuries and bad motor patterns so while the weight is lighter the idea is to be perfect. The healthier I can get the better I can push come meet prep time and with the technique work it should help keep me healthy as well.

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