Posted by Tony Montgomery under General  on Apr 04 2015

Coaches are a dime a dozen these days and they all seem good based on their pics and social media status. If only thats what really mattered then any person with abs can be a coach oh wait they already are. So with so many coaches out there how do you go about finding the right one? A few things to look for when finding a coach is their reputation, their ability to respond in a timely manner, their experience in the sport or diet your looking to improve aka do the walk the walk or have they actually done it before, and to make sure they are there for you and not your money.
1. Responding in a timely manner is huge especially if you're doing something with a deadline in it, like a scheduled meet or a photo shoot you need to shred up for. A good way to do this is to email said coach a few times and see how fast they respond. I'd say bet 1-2 days is an acceptable time frame and if you're close to a deadline within 24hrs.
2. Have they done the sport, what level did they achieve and what level have they helped others achieve are all fair questions that need to be asked. If you are cutting weight for a meet and your coach has never done it before successfully then how will they guide you, they will tell you what a book told them and that shit just doesn't cut it. Having in the trenches experience is huge because if they've never gone through the grind then how the hell can they help you out with it. Now they don't have to be an all time great to be a good coach and if they are a great athlete but has not helped develop other great athletes then that should be a red flag to. Don't fall in love with their status, fall in love with their results.
3.If you email a coach and they respond with money talk first run far away. Take the time to exchange a few emails with the coach to make sure you guys see eye to eye on everything and will be on the exact same page throughout. If you want a flexible dieting coach don't go to one who is known for Paleo and so on. Take a look and be very observant to make sure they explain things to you if you have a question, "just trust me bro" doesn't cut it. Hiring a coach should be a learning experience for you as well so you're not 100% reliant on that coach forever, so ask a bunch of questions and make sure you get good answers.
I hope these 3 things will steer you in the right direction when looking for a good coach.

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