Posted by Tony Montgomery under Weight Lifting  Training  on Jan 13 2015

A very misguided saying has been going around and its been said a few times to me that really needs some explanation to it. It goes something like If the stove is hot keep cooking or something along those lines. It basically means if you feel good that day go for broke in the way’s that I’ve been told. I hear all the time the stove was hot so I hit a PR 1 rep max on squat while sitting at 5 weeks out from a meet.

Did you ever stop to think maybe this is a key indicator that your training is going good and headed in the right direction so why fuck it up now. Maybe its your body’s way of telling you ‘Hey things are on course for a big day and we should be ready for the meet in a few weeks, please don’t screw it up again for us’ but still you see people hitting crazy amounts of volume or huge 1 rep maxes leading up to the meets. Whatever happened to peaking for a meet? You know the part in training where you drop the volume, up the intensity, drop the different specialty lifts, and master the competition lifts all so your body can recover from the wear and tear you put it through and be ready to perform on meet day.
Every training program should be set up in a way that you have key indicators to know things are going as planned. By hitting certain numbers for reps or moving certain weight at a certain speed, these indicators will show you that you are progressing so you don’t have to go maxing out every week to check.
If the plan calls for triples that day and you feel good why not hit a PR triple instead of letting your ego take over and push for that new 1 rep max. You do know that a 1 rm is a display a strength and not so much a way to build it in training. So if your imaginary stove is burning thats a good thing stay the course, following your plan because its working and peak for the meet so that you can have a good showing their and not in your gym.

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