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I know this topic is often covered on the importance of having goals, but I feel like goals aren’t enough sometimes. I think goals are great and everybody tells you to have them but nobody really shows you how to get to them. Every goal brings a new set of obstacles and will lead you in other directions, but a well defined goal or set of goals should build and compound on one another.
I’ll use myself as an example I have goals in business, life, and strength athletics specifically powerlifting. Each goal is a direct result and combination of the other. My goal to be a great well rounded powerlifter will bring me good fortune in growing my online training and nutrition business which will lead me to achieve some of things I want in life like a trip to Hawaii or to go to Dubai etc…
I know from experience that a clearly defined goal is more likely to be achieved than a broad statement goal such as I want to be the best powerlifter, yeah so does everybody, what steps are you taking to get there? A better approach to goal setting is to be as specific as possible in what you want to obtain. For me I want to total elite in 5 weight classes this will show versatility and a good knowledge and understanding of diet manipulation and training adaptation. 2nd goal is to total 2000lbs raw at 220lbs in sleeves with a 750lbs Squat a 550lbs Bench and a 750lbs deadlift. My 3rd goal is to break the all time total record at 220lbs in sleeves. I feel like one builds on top of the other and following that path in order will get me to where I want to go, but how do I get there what feels in all those gaps to make me fulfill my goals? It’s like driving to a destination without a map or GPS you wouldn’t just hop in a car and take off. You take the time to plan out your trip and with the expectations of a few bumps in the road have a plan B to get you to the same destination.
This is the part people don’t tell you about, you have to have a clear map with very defined routes to get there. For my goals the 1st on the list is totaling elite in 5 weight classes and 2nd is to total 2000lbs. To me the best way to do this is to get the lighter weight classes out of the way first. I already have 242lbs and 220lbs so my next step is to do it in the 198lbs weight class on Nov 8th I know what I need to do to get there and before such a drastic cut I knew I had to get stronger than my desired total as I know with a cut like this strength will decrease a bit, so I made sure before my cut that the weight I was moving was around a 1850lbs total. I like to think that in 4 years when I’m 32 I’ll be able to actualize my true potential so everything else leading up to that is practice and learning. Far better to learn now instead of when it matters the most.
The destination is picked for Nov 8th now I have to fill the pieces in to get there. Sitting at 6 weeks out I knew I better find some help to do something I’ve never done before, so I decided to seek out one of the best and brightest nutritionist in the industry to get me ready for such a task. I hired Justin Harris of eliteefts to bring me in and it gives me one less thing to worry about. Removing worries, doubt and variables allows me to truly just focus on the task at hand, there is absolutely no need to be stressed out about things that can be handled by people far more knowledgeable than myself. As far as training goes I contacted several people who have made similar cuts with success and with failures. You have to learn from both successes and failures in order to succeed in any aspect of life. I feel you learn more from failures than from success anyways plus the more perspectives you have from reputable sources the better. The key here is reputable sources don’t go asking a guy who makes his living off of citing studies without ever having experienced it himself. Trust in those that do or did and have the science to back it up!!!
For the next 6 weeks I have everything I need to be successful and to bring the best package I can. My map is detailed and I know exactly how to get there, I do this for all my goals and so far this has lead to a lot of my success in what I do. When I don’t take the time to map things out I never achieve the things I expect or if I trust in the wrong people I end up falling flat. So do your research as well before hiring anybody or listening to anybody.

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