Our goals are to develop an easy to follow no gimmick program to cater to the athletes individual needs and goals. We pride ourselves on giving customized programs and to ultimately figure out what works for you! We believe in providing you with the guidance you need and the support to reach all your goals. We will always be there to answer your questions with in depth thorough answers until we have fully explained our why’s to you.

We believe in giving you the tools you need to develop a healthy and happy relationship with food and how to use it for performance. We know that whether it is diet or lifting consistency, personal dedication and the willingness to work hard will provide the results in the end and we just want to help make that happen for you.
I want to start performing better!

Tony Montgomery

Tony has been training and doing nutrition programs for the last 8 years now. Working with stay at home moms, NFL players, and strength athletes alike. Tony spent 4 years in the Marines with 2nd Recon Bn. Once out he went to school for Exercise Science and Nutrition at Florida Atlantic University.

Tony has done strongman, bodybuilding, crossfit, and is now an elite powerlifter in the 220lbs and 242lbs weight class with his best total being 1835lbs at 220lbs Raw w/ wraps. Tony has trained and worked with top level lifters and the top nutritionist to perfect his craft. He’s alway looking for new things to learn and new people to learn from so he can bring the best advice to his clients.

I want to start performing better!

Desiree Morgan

Desiree Morgan is a USPA Certified Strength Coach. As a world class Powerlifter in the 123lb weight class she has been actively competing for over 4 years. Her passion for strength sports developed at a very young age culminating into being a competitive athlete throughout high school and college to include a background in bodybuilding. She has been influenced and educated by many of the best dietitians in the fitness industry with over 6 years of experience in nutritional guidance. This background influences her passion for continued learning, be it from reading and/or doing research on proper nutrition, for improving strength performance.

Her degree in science lead her to become a Licensed Massage Therapist specializing in Sports Therapy. Over the last year Desiree has been working as an assistant coach for the USPA Coach’s Certification Course. This course focuses on teaching proper body mechanics along with the fundamentals of strength training for all levels of powerlifters. Her goal is to give one an individualized program to meet their specific needs. What works for one person may not work for another so her goal is to find that optimal style of technique for the individual.

I want to start performing better!

Kaylie Klitzing

Kaylie has been training for four years. Kaylie became a trainer because she wanted to help others live a happy and healthy life. She wanted to show people that taking care of yourself is not torture; it is actually fun and very rewarding. She has worked with a variety of clients. Moms trying to fit into their old jeans, seventy-year-old men who refuse to let their age be anything but a number and teenagers who want to be stronger.

Kaylie loves to help others achieve their health and fitness goals, as well as her achieving her own. She is an Ifbb Figure Pro and a Powerlifter in the 114 and 123 weight class. She continues to strive to better herself physically and mentally. She enjoys learning from books, articles, and people around her. There is aways room for improvement!

I want to start performing better!

Diet & Training Services

1. Diet/Nutrition Plans - The plans are 3 months long. They include a customized meal plan for training and non training days based on your goals and what you want to accomplish. We do weighins twice a week to keep you accountable and to make adjustments if we need to so its an ever evolving plan just like you so it has to have adjustments. Also 24/7 access with Q&A.

2. One Time Consultations - The One-Time Diet consultations. They are a customized nutrition, cardio, and supplement plan based on your current situation and goals. The plan does not come with any continued consultation or regular updates but you do get to ask questions for 1 week on the base plan.

3. Training/Performance Programs - The plans are 3 months long. This is for off season and meet prep. They include a customized training program in 2 week spurts so we can make adjustments based on your goals and what you want to accomplish. I do video analysis of the lifts and I critique the form with a lot of back and forth dialogue to make sure everything is understood. Also 24/7 access with Q&A.
I want to start performing better!

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